Well done for choosing one of our set up packages for startups

We really want to know more about you and your business and to make sure you get great value for money from our service we need all the information you can give us. The more you tell us at this stage, the more it will help us to understand what you do and how we can make sure that you are happy with our design and work.

Drizzle Skyrocket Startups

Save time, less hassles, easy setup package for your business

Our setup packages for startups are simple and very budget friendly. We take you away from the hassle of setting up your business on the web so you can work to get everything ready for your business.

Our packages are very competitive because we want to make sure that every small startup can afford good marketing services without breaking the bank. This is why we focus on gathering all the details in the beginning so as to reduce communication times and design adjustments.

Save time, money, and hassles

The only time you will spend thinking about your website is when you fill out the initial form.

No digital or design skills needed

This is the right solution for you if you have no digital or design skills and would rather hire someone else to do the job.

Minimum customisation needed

This is a great option for you if you need minimal customisation and just a tweak or two to the final design.

How does this work?

Fill out the form

Start by filling out the form below. We need to know everything about the business, your products or services and everything else in between. We love to know all the details about you and what you do, so we can select the best website option for you.

Book a video-call

We will review the form and check your initial information. We will then send you an invite by email to book a video-call with us by Zoom or any other platform that works for you. We will show you examples of website templates and discuss about the design of the logo.

Review your website

After our first consultation we will start designing your logo, website and all the other little pieces. You will then be invited to review the designs before launching the website so that we have a chance to make changes and minor tweaks and make sure you are truly satisfied with everything.

What about payment?

The prices of our setup packages are all included, this means that when you select a package all the costs of setting up a WordPress domain, hosting etc. are already included in our final price, so we will need a minimum deposit from you before we start developing your website to cover our initial cost. You can then pay the rest before the website is launched.

Here is the initial cost for each package.

Ok, this sounds great. I am ready to start!

* .com or .co.uk are very popular domain extensions and sometimes it is not possible to secure your domain with one of them. We will provide alternative options if the problem arises.
As part of your package you can have up to 3 emails setup redirected to your personal email or any another email/s you wish to use for your business. Select the business email address that you want us to set up for you (select more than one option if you want 2 or 3 emails to be redirected).
For each email address you select, specify where you want it to be redirected.
With your package, you get up to 5 pages website design from one of the WordPress templates. Home, About and Contact are usually standard pages.
This is page 4 of your website package. You decide which page to have. It could be a page about your products or services or a gallery, a portfolio or even a blog.
This is page 5 of your website package. You decide which page to have. It could be a page about your products or services or a gallery, a portfolio or even a blog.
Selected Value: 1
From 1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest and 10 the highest, how easy was it to complete this form?

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