Bespoke marketing solutions for filmmaking company

Chums Productions & All You Can Eat Films is a small independent film making company based in Lee on the Solent, Hamphire, UK.

Our bespoke marketing solutions for Chums Productions, a filmmaking company

Drizzle Team has worked with this business since the very beginning. We provided them with bespoke marketing solutions that could meet the needs of their filmmaking company. Starting with the branding to website development, social media management and advertising, we have helped them shape their company and promote their brand. As part of a custom package, we created their logo, promo videos, branding templates, merchandising, graphics for their social media and advertising. Furthermore, we have also produced sponsorship packages, posters, flyers, business cards, fundraising postcards and even designed their principles of sustainable film production policy.

Domain, hosting and website design

Welcome to the Chums Productions website! We developed their website and secured their domain in 2020.

Firstly, we consulted with them to ensure that their brand’s tone of voice, look and feel was reflected in their new website. Since then, we’ve been designing their content and updating their website with exciting new film projects.

Animated logo and website reveal video

Branding for this new company was at the heart of their marketing strategy. Being newly formed business, they needed a solid foundation to distinguish their company from all other small independent film productions. Therefore, they wanted their logo to be memorable and engaging.

We developed two animated videos. Firstly, we created the logo reveal video to launch their company and to use as an introduction at the start of their films. The second video was developed to launch their new website and to direct viewers to their website after viewing their productions. They opted for a metallic look on a dark background, which looks very cinematic and dramatic.

Print and digital graphics

Bespoke marketing solutions included graphic design, both printed and digital (movie posters, flyers, social media headers, etc.). These helped them to promote their productions on social media, through film festivals and engage their audiences at local level.

Film Posters

Social Media graphics

Corporate material

This document was design to promote their sustainable film production principles and demonstrate their commitment to key stakeholders in minimising the impact the filmmaking industry has on the environment.

While their small-scale production allows them to manage the environmental impact of their operations, they believe they can make a bigger impact by engaging with their stakeholders, influencing and educating them to further improve environmental sustainability in the sector.